My life of studying began back in 2009, due to what I considered serious health problems that I had. The Doctors were not able to diagnose the cause of my symptoms and I was experiencing reactions from the prescribed medications, that were worse than the symptoms were. I began to study the causes of my symptoms and discovered that all human health-related symptoms share the same cause. Namely, Mental Stress. This discovery led me to study the causes of mental stress and then I learned that all mental stress also only has one basic root cause. All mental stress finds it’s rooted in that of not being able to fulfill the desires of the heart, due to lack, limitations of all kinds and poverty.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are meant to be free, prosper and enjoy life to the full. Those desires for a richer, more joyful, more loving and a more fulfilling life, are wonderful desires and need to be fulfilled in our lives, in order to be truly happy and healthy. A person’s desires come from his/creator. Namely, the one universal Infinite Intelligence. Or the Life Principle from which all things proceed.

In the past number of years, I have learned much about the human mind how it works and it’s connection with the universal Life Principle, as well as how it relates to the body.

Understanding these things, led me to more studying of our economy as well as the global economy. And the monetary system as well as the legal system we have all subjected ourselves under.

Ladies and gentlemen, the global economic, industrial, pharmaceutical and legal system which is getting us in an increasingly tighter squeeze from all sides, has been in the planning for thousands of years. The good news along with it is, that freedom is also available for those who want it, and always has been. However, we were all, by default, put under the illusion that we needed to be under the subjection of the system. But those are all lies, ladies, and gentlemen.

I have made it my mission to help people find that freedom in a financial way as well as finding their way out from under the thumbnails of the legal system, unnecessary taxes and so on. Learn more about True Freedom. is part of fulfilling that mission of mine to help many people to gain their freedoms back. Which they are so deserving of.

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