Here You can Learn to Understand How the FIAT Monetary System Works.

Here is a video of Hidden Secrets Of Money. The entire monetary system is Rigged to Enrich a Few at the Expense of Many Video. What you could buy with $100,000,000.00 Watch Video. Here’s a cartoon video depicting the Central Banking System Video. How the elite has been secretly leading all of us to the slaughterhouse Video.

This Global Prison We Are All Subjected To…

The elite people have been planning and refining this global economical prison for thousands of years, but for the last one hundred years, they have made headways like never before. And they are using the debt-based central banking system to enslave us on a global scale. So for those of you who dislike decentralized crypto-currency, I have a question. At what point in your own enslavement will you stop tightening the vice your head is in?

I don’t mean to be harsh, however, the only way we can stop this enslavement from getting worse is to stop using the central banking system and their debt-based currency. The fact is that the truth is hidden in plain sight, everywhere. We just can’t see it unless we open up our mind and seek for the truth. We really can’t say they did it because we all created this prison together by falling tor their deceptions, mistakenly calling it the truth. The elite few have been using the school systems, the pharmaceutical system, the legal system, the news media system, the drug cartels and of course all of the so-called terrorist acts (false flag attacks like 9/11) and all the wars that have been going on. Everything is rigged by the same few people. When we stop using their monetary system, people in the entire world everywhere will be experiencing peace and prosperity. Because if they can’t control the monetary system they have to stop because that is their only leverage.

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