The Billion Coin

TBC was launched in March of 2016, beginning at the price of 1/10th of a penny in Euros. But has gone up daily by 1-5%. Today, March 12/2018 the price of one TBC is; $4,593,574.496 CAD 

Let’s look at why TBC was created in the first place Video and Article.

Our Mission Statement of The Billion Coin please read this article.

We are rich and we have fun too. Listen to The Billion Coin Song.

How Unequal really is the global wealth? See Video. Also must see this Video.

We are evening out the odds of wealth on a global scale Video.

Here is The Billion Coin presentation by Tonya Harder slide show Video.

Here is one of more than 3000 testimonial Videos.

Another video of a TBC user Check it out. Video.

This is my own testimonial of what TBC means to me. Video.